Todd Codish

USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach


Coach Todd's approach to wellness for companies does not include any fad diets, electronic devices (although there are some that can enhance the journey for some folks) or rigorous, high intensity regimen (although, some folks with a higher level of fitness will want to engage in such).

The key to programming a healthy lifestyle with people of all walks of life is to be variable, just like the variance of people you employee. Information overload, bad information and peer pressure inhibit people from even initiating a change in lifestyle. Coach Todd clears the slate and helps people to recognize where they need the help and solutions with supporting programs for every walk of life.

Whether you're an ultra-marathoner, Ironman triathlete or Crossfit athlete, or a person who struggles to get off of the couch, there are solutions in both diet and lifestyle that Coach Todd can help you implement into your life to be successful in creating good health! Get educated on the facts, not someone's secret solution product or diet of some ancient culture's supplement! Get the real truth about what it takes to get healthy!

In addition to speaking engagements, Coach Todd offers programs for walking, running, strength/resistance training, nutrition, body composition, Vo2 testing, group fitness and more!


$1250 per class
1-1.5 hour lectures with Q&A.
Follow ups for any further questions.
Samples to current helpful products.
Handout materials to follow lectures.


$1200 per month
12 week training plan.
Weekly emails with details about your training including gear and nutrition tips.
Weekly email response to questions regarding training.
One video running analysis with feedback to improve your running technique.


$200 per employee*
Vo2 Max test.
Basic 4 week training plan.
One week of email questions to aid in training.
One video running analysis with feedback to improve your running technique.

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