Todd Codish

USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach


Todd Codish is one of the longest serving triathlon coaches in the country today, with a wealth of sport specific knowledge across all distances? Within a sport that is not yet forty years old and having started the Team in Training program both locally and also involved at national level. Todd has had the opportunity to coach over 2,000 people to their first triathlons! No Olympic gold medal winners, (actually, two Ironman distance race winner!) but mostly, normal folks, beginners, folks that want to 'come back to an active lifestyle'.

The opportunity to work with so many people gives a coach perspective on athletes of all levels and abilities (or inabilities!) And there are few, if any, who have coached the sheer volume of triathletes that Coach Todd has.

Starting in the sport in 1988, Todd raced Ironman when "Ironman wasn't cool". Before the heart rate monitor and before aerobars, things were plain and simple. Science has changed that and the science of sport has been Coach Todd's passion since 2000, his thirteenth year in the sport. While not starting out as a kinesiologist as many coaches do Coach Todd started with the end product in mind (Better, Happier , Faster athletes) and learned how to use Science to achieve this goal for his athletes incorporating Lactate Testing and VO2max Testing in to his training programs. A lot has changed since then, but Coach Todd is ahead of the curve when it comes to the science of triathlon! "The more we know about your physiology the less mistakes we make, which intern maximizes your results"!

With a laundry list of certifications and courses completed, Coach Todd is a multi faceted coach with a pedigree that matters in the sport. Among the personal accomplishments for Coach Todd are over 300 triathlons, including 7 Ironman races, 40 marathons and countless bike rallies, 10Ks, etc. Oh, then there's the countless miles...swimming, cycling or running. It all means he has the knowledge of the sport and what it takes to compete, complete or perhaps even win in triathlon at all distances.


USA Triathlon level II certified coach
Head Coach Triple Threat Tough Racing since 2004
John Howard Performance Training-Coach 2003
Cooper Aerobics Research Center-Bio mechanics of resistance & strength training 2003
Triathlon coaching certification by Dave Scott 1999
Member Team in Training National Board for Triathlon Coaching Development 1999
Head Coach Team in Training North Texas Chapter 1998-2011
Cooper Aerobics Research Center-Indoor cycling certification instructor 1998
Marathon coaching certification by Dr. Jack Daniels 1998
Cooper Aerobics Research Center-Professional Fitness Specialist 1997 (personal trainer)
Total Immersion swim workshop 1995
Reebok & Cooper spin instructor training 1995 & 1998 (Spin instructor since 1995)
Trinity Fitness Seminars- Sally Edwards Heart Personal training/Heart Aerobics training 1994


Participated in one of the first heart rate training certifications ever by the guru of heart rate training, Sally Edwards. This was cutting edge and the onset of science in sport.
Created the Team in Training triathlon program with Dave Scott in 1998-1999. This was a great education for me that money cannot buy. The magnitude of the number of athletes this program governs is unmatched by any other endurance training program in the world.
Awarded Best Triathlon Coach in Best of Texas 2006 Competitor Magazine
Formation of the Triple Threat Tough Racing Company, a company the provides group workouts, individual coaching, and camps for USAT members.
Grown to employ 6 USAT Level I coaches as of 2011
180 plus athletes in each of the last 3 years
2nd place in the 2012 USA Triathlon National Championships, Div II
Ironman/Ultra distance race winners and Kona qualifiers
Coached over 2,000 triathletes in Team in Training program from 1998 to 2011
Use science to coach athletes. Started testing athletes in 2000 with Vo2 (expired air) and blood lactate testing; have conducted well over 1,000 individual tests since that time.

Personal Bests

Olympic distance - 2:14
Half Ironman - 4:54
Ironman - 11:41
Marathon - 3:28

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