Todd Codish

USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach


I love the data from my athlete's training and use it extensively, but I don't think that just data alone, or science alone makes a coach. Coaching is still an art, aided by science, but it's not 1's & 0's. It's people! I do not believe that coaches can effectively build a "canned" or "generic" program that works, period! Yes, there are many people who can benefit from the plan and have success, but the parameters of what needs to happen are rarely met by this approach. These plans often fall short because they fail to address the following questions:

Are you equal in all three modalities?
Do know what your thresholds/ranges of work (or 'zones') are?
Are you really going to hit 100% of the scheduled workouts all the way through? No unexpected travel, illness, etc?
How do you determine what to do to make up sessions?
Are you over training?

These are only a few of the reasons that a generic program does not work. And last, but certainly not least, generic programs often lack an important component: Someone to hold you accountable, motivate or help you re-route your races plans and goals.

I've had success at racing (modestly accomplished, at best!) all distances. I've raced over 300 triathlons; NOT events like marathons, 10K's, bike rallies or races. I started as a triathlete. I was not a swimmer or cyclist who decided to try multi sport! This is my life! 25 years of it, at least! But most importantly to you, is that I've had tremendous success at coaching, all levels, at all distances! I am one of less than 200 USA Triathlon level II coaches, but the experienced gained from coaching so many athletes is where you learn. My years of experience and coaching of hundreds of athletes allow me to recognize:

The unique physiology of every athlete! There are no "one size fits all" plans.
The physiological connection to what does or does not happen in a workout.
What the physiological connection means.
How to remedy muscular fatigue or improve aerobic efficiency?

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